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🇧🇷A degustação de vinho é  uma delicia! Há sempre uma descoberta para o paladar! Essa é da Catena Zapata em Mendoza, Argentina! 🔸🔸🔸🔸
Spring looks good on Lake Tahoe! 💙 @travelnevada is doing a feature on the Jewel of the Sierra on their IG, be sure to check it out!
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Blurred Gates ⛩ #tbt
Peace and beautiful!!! #welltraveled #ourplanetdaily #whataview
This #Fall is just outside #Banff, it looks small because you dont have the perspective but it is a really big drop 🙄 100s of meters down in #cascadem
Im about to flood my feed with pics from one of my favorite spots in the country!! Stay tuned for a haven for dreamers, artists, and visionaries. ❤️
(At your best) pipeline.  @surflinelocalpro
Toro vs the usual seared Mahi made all the difference 👅 #sinful
When you see such a picture, what imagery comes to mind? Yes, its a beautiful tropical oasis but take a moment and reflect. Did you ever imagine experienc

La fotografía es una evolución constante, tanto en la captura como en el revelado de la toma. En esta ocasión os dejo una toma del
Anyone whos surfed, bodyboarded, or swam out at Wedge can tell you...the 6-8 ft slabby, breaking on dry sand days can be far sketchier and more rewarding
#powerrangers kind of. 金刚武士💪💪💪 #soroxannevideos
Amo las flores todas, toditicas sin excepción alguna. :D No me importa de qué raza(tipo) sean. Simple y sencillamente siento que son el color que le da l
Mountains and Murals! 🏔🎨
Do you know the artist of this beautiful artwork?

Photo by @gluten_freek 
#canmore | #kananaskis | #visitcanmore | #explore