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🍃 Nature. 🥝 .
{📓 A pediatra do Joaquim é maravilhosa, e no nosso ultimo encontro me falou sobre a importância de deixar o nosso nenein em cont
Happy Throw Back Thursday! This was my first born in her first month of life six years ago. Its hard to believe that so much time has passed. Her personal
Похудеть после родов на 5-12 кг за месяц? Это не сказки!
Ваша мечта об идеальной фигуре
30weeks in & 30weeks out 💟💟
Niamh 17lb1 & Esme 17lb2!!
I wasnt expecting them to be close at all 🙈
#identicaltwins #twins #sisters #cutekid
Happy 2nd birthday to this precious beautiful soul that Im honored to call my niece. Your energy, sassiness and joyful presence brings me so much joy! I l
I wish I was a child yet again ...I give her R0.50 and she goes crazy #celenhle #grateful #owesomebabies #beautifulbabies
Såhär ser outfiten ut på lillen ♡
Älskar hur gobitar från olika märken kan passa så bra ihop 👏🏻