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@nektarioscassar has just got his dirty hands on a cello and decided to tune it like a double bass! 
He started goofing around with little G, his 7 month-o
Updates are on their way! Thank goodness our CEO, @nektarioscassar, has magical abilities... 😏Yeah, the teams software engineers have nothing to do wit
One of our bands members is in the US right now, but nothing can stop the song writing. Love remote working. Love tech.

Nothing like rehearsing with friends youve known forever
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Music is what feelings sound like.🎼 Bandster.io CEO and co-founder @nektarioscassar jamming with fantastic, London-based guitar player @adriancurtismusi
There are new hearings to set new royalty rates to be in effect from 2018 to 2022. 
Apple is putting forth a 9.1cents flat fee per 100 streams.

Mood of the day... I finally felt like a little bit of wine 🍷 last night, and Im paying for it with a headache today!
I swear! I only had 2 glasses ðŸ
The sun is out again, glorious day! 🌄 Time for a long walk in the fields with this rascal... I saw lots of martouthkia on the way (a kind of caterpill
Im in the moment with tango, yoga, sometimes with work, and ...ehm, during sex. 😊
Such a great feeling!
How about you? ❓
Bandster.io featured in the newspapers 😃

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At Longji rice terraces, Guangxi province. I cant wait to go back!

Thats where I met the women with the longest hair in the world. 🎎🎎 Four of them
Its good to celebrate ones milestones!! Heres one celebration Im sharing with you. its been a busy busy month!
Im so proud of our team! We have relea
A new BETA Pre-Release version of bandster.io is out and we can now take on more Beta Testers 🙆👏🙋
🎉🎊🎆 Lets try to brake this thing! 💀
Good afternoon... Heres the COOs desk. @natademetriou is working away on some strategic milestones, today, and shes getting restless!