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Schönen Sonntag euch allen ☺️🐾🐾
Leider ist mein Mac tatsächlich kaputt, ich hoffe sehr meine alten Fotos irgendwie wieder zubekommen. Hätte ic
Feeling pretty zonked after being a super dog at our 3 hour agility workshop last night followed by our 6 hour day at doggy school today. What a fun weeken
Have a nice Sunday! 😁🙌
The puppers went swimming! 😍
Its not a proper adventure unless you get AT LEAST this muddy. #ilovemud #mudmudmud #dontbathme 🐶🐾🙈 1yr 3mo #rustyaussie
Go out, go out I beg of you 
And taste the beauty of the wild. 
Behold the miracle of the earth 
With all the wonder of a child. 
Edna Jaques
Fable is always happy looking...diesel always has that dont try and bs me look 😂. On our way from grangeville to Kennewick we stopped off at Palouse
Its a special date for my parents today but they chose to spend the evening with me instead of going out. Im no longer allowed on the couch (until I stop
When mommas out of town, we sleep in her spot. #sleeptime #goodnight
The look when mom tells me I won the doggie division at the 5K! #aussiepup #aussiesofinstagram #pennythemini #australianshepherd_feature #australianshepher
All smiles for spring time!