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Как говорится: Если долго мучится, что-нибудь получится... Переписывала небо раза 4...
My new painting is done!🎨💻 Tried to focus on adding details to the skin as well! At first, I really wanted the roses to bleed from the eyes but it se
Its beautiful how my soul suddenly went out of my body everytime we are met . It was actually my favorite death. 💜 .
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This is a closer detail of a portrait called Little Boy which I had done some years ago. If you would like a portrait, DM me and let me know. As a great
Watercolor, moulin du Roy, fin, 300 g, 240x320 Maugli girl 🐘 Сегодня достаточно тепло для того, чтобы я откры
So Ive decided to listen my fiancée #wifeymaterial (for once) and keep the background simple I did just that by making it white. I think the horse draws
We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh. ~ Agnes Repplier .
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Heres a progress shot from this carousel piece. It was an interesting challenge to work on a 3 dimensional form. 
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📌Kristen Stewart by me🖊
Я снова здесь! Это повторная картина Под водой, написана маслом на холсте в более кр