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There aint no other good damn reason why my heart it would go missing
If its illegal to rock and roll throw my ass in jail!
When You Act Plastic You Know I Cant Stand It
✧me when my moms around vs. When Im home alone late at night.💔✧
Stolen from the person tagged
✖Do Not Ask For My Kik✖
Tumblr: dreamxatxher
✧You can message me about anything... Even you just want to be friends✧
✖Do Not Ask For My Kik✖
Tumblr: dreamxatxher ♡
Twitter: svxkmyfvxk ☆
My hearts a hieroglyph, it talks in tongues
Ten thousand voices fill my broken lungs
But through the white wave, I still hear it call
So take a deep breat
Welcome to the friends tour 😏
✧throw back to when my older sister did my hair and make up and to where my hair was a messy green color.✧
✖Do Not Ask For My Kik✖
Tumblr: dreamx
Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles, just what you’d expect inside her new Balenciaga
Bad romance, turned dreams into an empire
Self-made success now she
✧this is literally me and has been me for the past three days now!!! 😭💔✧
Stolen from the person tagged
✖Do Not Ask For My Kik✖
✧more like I know youre annoyed of me... Its 2:57am and omg youre gonna end up keeping me up again... But its cool cause some day youll miss me just
I dont like my mind right now
Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary
Wish that I could slow things down
I wanna let go but theres comfort in the pa
✧I keep telling myself never again but I still find myself in the same situations feeling even worse than I did the time before.✧
✧Body Positive Post: Since Im really insecure about myself✧
✖Do Not Ask For My Kik✖
Tumblr: dreamxatxher ♡
Twitter: svxkmyfvxk ☆
Snapchat: b
I sat inside with a heavy heart
Just wish you would think of me
Are you listening?
Ran round in circles til after dark
Didnt get very far
Wasnt meant to
✧How much longer is this feeling going to last!!✧
✖Do Not Ask For My Kik✖
Tumblr: dreamxatxher ♡
Twitter: svxkmyfvxk ☆
Snapchat: brittanyluvs
✧Its 4:46am and I cant fucking sleep now because of you.... All thanks to you I cant eat and now I cant sleep... I swear if this is what love fucking
Im the one with the ghosts in my bed,
but they only come alive at night.
Stuck in my sheets an accustomed coffin,
I swear that Ill be fine,
Ill be fine
✧I cant eat, I feel like Im gonna throw up, and honestly the only way Ill see you is in my dreams, when I see you in my dreams my heart literally race
• everything will be okay •
Oh and I have two random bruises on my leg... Gonna go jump o
Hey there, shadow,
You didnt seem to care at all when you watched me go.
I know young love is just a dream,
We were only seventeen,
But youre the only lo
old picture
If someone could tell me the secret of getting rid of feelings for someone you dont want feelings for that would be fucking fantastic!!
And were at the end of summer 🤗❣️☀️👓🌴
I know you can hardly see it cause the quality on the camera on my phone is shit but theres a bunny in my front yard and my dog started barking at it. She
You see, I want the world to believe
That theres a light inside of me,
But its time that I come clean.
Im not what I seem, no.
Some would say Im posses