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Vitamin Couple Therapy! 🍒💨 Chock full of healthy vitamins and killer flavor choices the VitaCig delivers a water-vapor of amazing, natural flavors, v
@Regrann from @redmoskitoradio: Sabías que ahora ademas de escuchar también podes ver los programas de la radio en vivo?
Entra a nuestro site y elegí L
As much as Id like the past not to exist it still does
And as much as Id like to feel like I belong here
Im just as scared as you
#Evanescencelyrics #
New demos now available! Only $5 get them while theyre hot! #limitedlogic #punkrock #alternative #newmusic #demo  #music #may5th
@oriana_death comparte con nosotros esta genial foto!! 💞☠️🤘🏻. 👉🏻👉🏻Para que la publicación sea más rápida, envía tu foto por e-
Feeling totally FIERCE!
Great shoot with @jaychamberlainphotography and an opportunity to flex my fashion poses again. 
#fashion #model #modelling #modelli
There is a strange sense of serenity when you no longer care about your own life. You go a little further than most would. You live on the dangerous or adv
My puppys growing up!!! Lol
Looking through my photos & found this from my birthday 👌🏻🕶🤘🏼
#throwback #bday #snapchat #gent #suit #fire #alternative #insta
✖️I just spent 2 hours writing music.✖️
#music #alternative #band
Xxxtentacion recently announced The Revenge Tour! Check out the full list of dates on chompermag.com!
im on the outside, im looking in, i can see through you, see your true colors
Im planning on saving money because Ive been online shopping and its getting ridiculous. Im just going to buy groceries and thats it. ( ignore )
And baby I won’t ever forget why out of 7 billion people in this world, I will always choose you. Because you were the warmth I found on a cold night whi