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Stay sweet my love 🍭
This little man is being welcomed with an immeasurable amount of love. This week Ill be sharing a few nursery sneak peeks from part of my second 365 proje
Blooming Cactus in all different colors!! I thought this was just magical goodness youd only find on Pinterest! How beautiful is this?! Now if only I coul
Thank you everyone for the well wishes for our boy! Tanner is back to his busy self and we made the most of our weekend by eating great food and listening
16 Weeks // ▪️How is it May already and how are you 16 weeks old, Ollie! You are the cheekiest and happiest little boy mummy could ever want just dont
Loves staring at himself in the mirror! What is going on in your beautiful little mind, my love? • Hoping you all have a lovely day! .
We have a pretty cool story, and I wouldnt change it for the world. Im also pretty sure our hearts almost cant handle all this happiness.
The After Math 🌿The Day After 🌿 Weve been recovering all day long from our big fat Greek Armenian Cuban christening. We certainly celebrated. But th
Thanks to you amazing ladies we have to take a short break to catch up on orders because you have all been amazingly supportive. Ex
s u n d a z e🌴
Such a great weekend with the fam bam!! 💖 Its actually depressing how fast weekends seem to go these days tho 😩💔 #slowdowntime
As illustrated in my stories, we cook quite a bit around here... mainly because we really like to eat. Daphne and Sullivan love to help me in the kitchen,
Those Monday morning feels 😴
weekend-ing #rowdavis 💙🏊🏻
my buddy // my best friend
motherhoods dark side is like a strict headmistress - black dress buttoned up past her neck, judging spectacles balancing on her nose. she beats you, scol
Sunny 6 months today! Woohoo! Woke up feeling amazing - made it to church EARLY (you guys, thats a big deal in our house!) and used my remaining 13% batte
The other night with my ladies backstage ❤❤ #fun #performance #backstage #dance #beyonce #dancer #choreographer #Aotc #aheadofthecurve #AOTCagency
Sweet kisses. ❤️ *Baby is head down so Ava is luckily kissing babys head as opposed to her... butt.
#inspirepregnancy #pregnantandperfect #35weeks
Here’s looking at you, Lennon Blue 💙 Happy Birthday!