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Mineral makeup. Double pigmented. Amazing coverage and light weight! Out foundation has acne fighting ingredients! All this for under $80! SAY WHAT?!?!🤗
 A good detox or cleansing program assists your body to get rid of old sludge and excess accumulated in your tissues over the years.  It gives a good res
New lighter texture for easier application. Formulated for spectacular but elegant and lengthened lashes. Key Ingredients: Beeswax, Vitamin E and Vitamin C
Acti labs specializes in cosmeceutical skin care, slimming and weight loss with a wide range of treatments to satisfy everyone. 
Acti labs products are all
#Nude in three different shades; featuring today the 3D correctors that cover imperfections of the #skin, and helps in a better #makeup result, and a unifo
#Beautytip of the day: use a #lip pencil before applying the #lipstick or #lipgloss, it assures a better design of the lips as well as make the lipstick la
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