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Photo booth crew is testing their equipment before the event start.

Nowadays, many type of photo booth are out in the market. It is quite common now to ge
In Islam, a Wali is a person who is responsible for the brides life before she is married. As a Wali, it is also his duty to ensure that the proposed groo
That look on the kids face when they see the chocolate fountain
Newlywed has arrived. This is the part where everyone are waiting. Newlywed will march towards their bridal throne accompany by kompang. Usually they will
After groom pronounce his vow, tok kadi will ask 2 witnesses whether they heard the vow clearly. If the witnesses say SAH (YES). The marriage is valid, i
Washing team is ready to wash dishes. Another use for bath tub. People in this area kept this bath tub for this purpose only. 
Shall we call it wash tub no
Why capture a detail without showing the context? Wedding photography ought to document your day.
Its hard to be nice about Liverpool as a Mancunian (jokes people....20 times😉) however it is a great city and then this sunset happened yesterday!!
I set my Apple Watch going just after the ceremony at yesterdays wedding. This is the last screenshot before the battery died.
Me. The person who love photography. 
My specialise: Wedding Documentary Photography
Love to teach and learn.
Photography Coach.
Not a Gear addict.
Food is ready to serve . Wedding helper is transferring the food to dishes for buffet table. 
10 years ago, we usually prepare the dishes at every table, b
That CHOOOOON the family all have to dance to!
When thats shot of the the family is closely followed by.......
I never missed to took a photo of brides parent. 
This is one of the important moments (for me) as both of them last take a photo at bridal throne more th
Dowry bearer. Dowry is a one of important item in malay wedding. Both side will provide their dowry. 
Usually the bride side they tend to choose odd number
Some wedding in Malaysia they have live band. This is dangdut band. A popular indonesia music genre. They will perform a night before the wedding and also
Tok kadi is giving solemnization sermon, nowadays the sermon much shorter and simple as couples has already went for wedding course.

Those second dance moments are awesome too
Deejay is ready. All systems checked. I like when the deejay respect the event by wearing proper attire. I makes the event more grandier.