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I dont wait for my future
I create it.
Be still, my son
Youre home
Oh when did you become so cold?
The blade will keep on descending
All you need is to feel my love

Search for beauty, find you
We are thrilled sponsors of the girls in the Tomorrowland Russebuss! 3 
#TL2017 #tomorrowland #russ2017 #squad #spons #scandinavianexplorer #dunjakker #
This is power 🔥🔥
Hi Friends 👋🏼
#KingdomLA2017 Sunday May 28th 2017 inside #AvalonHollywood ! No work or school the next day ! We have some mind blowing Production for you ! .
RSVP : king
You can now listen to all episodes of the Weekend Promo Mix on iTunes! Relive mixes by @defunkofficial, @tondonx, @queensyze, @bacosaurus and @dianabossr