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Its the hottest its been here in Nash and I am loving the sun but the humidity I can do without. 
So, heres to a beautiful Saturday of room projects, ic
Peut-être que l’on est allés trop loin ? Peut-être que l’on est à l’étroit, là ? Peut-être que l’on est tarés, toi et moi ? #nekfeu #tn #
Рано или поздно у каждой женщины наступает период, когда она начинает понимать самку
The youngest niece thinks its too hot #nashville #tn #downsouth #summer2017
Roadtrippin with these two...#lakebound #TN #Dollywood
Meet Peachy Lemonade!
We really liked both Pink Lemonade and Peachy Petals. The soft peach color was the inspiration for this kit and we LOVED the lemonade
#Knoxville join Pastor @dauntalong for An Afternoon of Hope at New Trinity Tabernacle Church of God in Christ. Service starts at 11AM on Sunday, April 30
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THIS is Klerk Vu Lunchroom in Murfreesboro, TN. A decade ago now, I was a weekly regular there.