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Missing these beautiful people 
Even though we fight, quarrel, call each other names; we were, are and will still be my besties. Even when we grow old and
About last night at #favouredforty  of @officiallolo1  worship service. Im bold to say that youre an example of a believer. Happy Birthday once again to
Give them the required support... #dj #oap #presenter #blogger #media #upcomingartist #music
Playboy Entertainment and Xtreme Entertainment Presents :
Kiingston_Lee - Para Produced by Renowned Award Winning Producer Victoriouz Icon.

Nah only your fine self you see abi? You no see the fine babes beside you abi? Especially the pouting hot babe by the left, see pikin...no..issue! 😘😘
So here I was feeling all fly sandwiched between two adorable OAPs and as the fine sharp calabar chic wen I be na, I decided to show dem say for selfie mat
NR reviews OUR BEST FRIENDS WEDDING SEASON 1 now at nollywoodreinvented.com #nollywood #webseries #reviews #OAPs #thenakedconvos
My Mother Land (Nigeria) currently relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. Fossil fuels are non-renewable, that is, they draw on finit
Allow me the honor of flooding your timeline this afternoon, even though I dont do this all the time. #TIP Each pic will come with #lifechanging writeups
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Its a beautiful Sunday evening. We hope youre having the best of it? Tho we are sure your day will be inc
β€œMoney no dey drive me, Money na my conductor”. Those are the famous words of the Late (and Great) DaGrin. 
Listen to this Victoriouz Icon Produced thr
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Ever bought a ticket for a comedy show but you have more of Music than comedy?

Ever took your family, e