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The last few days have been super rainy here in Dubrovnik and it’s got us reminiscing about sunny days like this one where we were hiking in Split! But,
Idealism is like a castle in the
air if it is not based on a solid foundation of social and political
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Tklapi - One of my Georgian host familys favourites and one that children would bring to school to chew on, and chew on it you must! Most village families
Entre sombreros , bikinis y flamingos 🌴🐚👙
Beach life , nomad life ☀️ #tb .
#nomad #bikini #handmade #pty #sun #summer #beach #
Finally Day 7 ... got to meet the captain of our ship dressed as a Pirate 🚢
The Bridges of Ross were a trio of natural sea arches (two of them fell into the sea) Today only one ‘bridge’ remains however the name remains in the p
Enamorada de todos los edificios en París 😍
Sabías que Francia ha sido pionera en la protección del patrimonio arquitectónico y tiene el mayor patri
On a sunny rather chilly afternoon in Gibraltar 🇬🇮 Everytime I see a red telephone booth first thing comes in my mind is London, and i dont know why
New Mexico #dreamin 🏜 #saturdaze
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:: Underground Station [ #travel ] #london #londonunderground #england #unitedkingdom #subway