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Water in some places is still a real precious good which is not available in all the houses.
We should always think twice before waste it... #Pola #Mindoro
Something old and something new.
To share some of my travel preparations: Ive booked the flight to Hong Kong next month as well as the one to Newark in Oc
In case you cant tell from my expression... Im freezing my arse off, sitting on this concrete wall at 9pm at night LOL..
#biz#senin çocukların#✌️ alnı dik vicdanlı sevgiyle içimizdeki çocuğu hiç bırakmadan #🎈 #23nisanulusalegemenlikveçocukbayramı#Atatürk#
Along Beiheyan Street, a main street with vehicular and cycling lanes and a tree lined garden path too. Makes for a good walk from the historic heart towar
🦄🐼🐻 #disavventure 👭
#Tokyo, you crazy city!!! The only place in the world where a giant dinosaur looking down from above the skyscrapers doesnt look out of place...