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👰 ティアモ ネイル 💅
押し花ネイル と ニュアンスネイル♡
ブライダルネイルのお支度は お考えですか?
“Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.” -Elie Wiesel

Who do u c wen u by urself?who comes along wen u cry for help? always b urself because d past can neva b change nd wherever u find urself dnt quite bt move
We provide Pre-wedding photo-shoot in Taiwan. Do feel free to contact us for more details. $2400 Package inclusive:

Album details - 15 inch album - 30 pho
This super bloom is doing wonders to our portrait game, not to mention this beautiful flower bunch by @marie_floral_stylist! #spring
Boa tarde 🙏🏼✨
Noivinha Ju Frederico 💕
Foto: Gabriel Pereira -

#velluc #noiva #wedding #weddingdress #noivinhas #dress #vestidoexclusivo #realiz
Tis the season!  Carmis wedding preview this morning.  She really wanted to look natural and like herself just kicked up a bit. ❤️
Detalles en cada rincón, especial #wedding #bridal
tied up in #SpringBridal18 #CarolinaHerreraBride 🎀 // 🎥 @amyjoycreative @salessi
❤️❤️❤️our new baby is here and needs a name!!! Suggestions please 😊
75 3024-9776 e watsapp 75 99241-7057. Cobertura de casamento a partir de R$ 700,00. Aniversário 15 anos a partir de R$ 500,00. Aniversário infantil a par
Mientras esperamos la colección 2018 para el próximo año, no dejes de conocer nuestras propuestas 2018 #vertizegala #moda #mujer #fashion #style #invita
MANY adorable Flower Girl Dresses in at discounted prices.  This one is Size 7 & only $76.00
Designer Consigner Boutique
6329 S. Mooresville Road
Its feeling a little more like summer today than spring, but were not complaining about this gorgeous weather! What are your weekend plans? 
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