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Live from the #workshop #garage #motorcycle #diy #backpacking
Just finished a great homestay in Lake Titicaca. 
#wheredemgirlsat #wherecanigetmedisoutfit #fleek #werkit
Hiram was like : lets do it like were close friends (lets stick to each other)! And i felt like we even didnt need to do anything
When the gyms power is out from early morning storms but you still want a big back.. 😥 good way to start the workout with them rows! #backday #backpacki
Rehash time. Please please PLEASE safeguard yourself against ticks. The product on the left can be sprayed on your person like mosquito spray (picaridon) a
Bisoton,temple of the king of the kings
temple of gods 
which is located in the east of Kermanshah
for more information please visit our website:Www.Journe
Happiness: all the fruit, diving, sunshine! Im so fucking grateful right now - Im bursting 💓 
Check out le story for more diving fun!
Ich bi
Pano from somewhere in Lofoten. I cant tell you where because I love this location. I learned how to pano from @maxrivephotography and his awesome video t
Beautiful, and functional, axe loop by @rednoseleather - a must have for any outdoorsman. His quality and attention to detail is second to none. If youre
Adrenalist Solar chargers are the perfect addition to your camping and backpacking gear.
Each units rigorously tested to ensure that the Solar Charging
Getting lost isnt always a bad thing
Realizing Im a bit out of practice after a yet and a half without shooting the stars. So fun. @thismustbetheplace____  the Sigma 20 is a monster at low li